XTRA910 audio: Laying it on the line

The San Francisco 49ers own the best offensive line in the NFC West.

It features three first-round draft choices.

The Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams own the worst lines in the division.

Theirs feature no first-rounders.

These things came to mind Friday when Dan Bickley asked about potential draft plans for the Cardinals in 2013. Our conversation on XTRA Sports 910 AM covered additional ground, and lots of it, including what Oregon coach Chip Kelly would bring to the NFL.

We generally wouldn't discuss draft prospects for a team with a 4-5 record, seven games remaining and a recent history of finishing strong. But with the Cardinals losing five in a row and turning to rookie seventh-round choice Nate Potter at left tackle, it's time.

NFL teams list seven rookie tackles as starters heading into Week 10. Five were first- or second-round choices. The other two are starting for the Cardinals: right tackle Bobby Massie (fourth round) and Potter.