Tweet of the week from 'coach' Feely

2013 Arizona Cardinals Coaches by Age

Kicker Jay Feely, 37, is the oldest player on the Arizona Cardinals' roster. Now, he undoubtedly feels like it.

"Signs you're getting old: One of our Rookies told me in meetings today he thought all offseason I was a coach," Feely tweeted Saturday.

Feely is indeed older than assistant coaches James Bettcher, Ryan Slowik and Kevin Garver, who turns 26 on Sunday. Age is a relative thing, of course. The Cardinals' oldest assistant, Tom Pratt, turned 78 last month.

Feely made his NFL debut with Atlanta in 2001 after playing for two teams in the Arena League.

The Cardinals' youngest rookie, Tyrann Mathieu, was born in 1992, when Feely was about to turn 16.

The chart shows ages for the Cardinals' assistant coaches. Feely tied for ninth in overall field-goal accuracy last season, making 25 of 28 tries (89.3 percent). He might not be finished playing yet.