Madden 11: Willis overtakes Fitzgerald

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald was the NFC West's highest-ranked Madden 10 player last season.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis has overtaken Fitzgerald in the latest version of the popular NFL video game. Madden 11 overall rankings show Willis with a 99 rating, same as Fitzgerald posted last season. Fitzgerald was second among NFC West players this season at 97.

The chart shows every NFC West player with a ranking higher than 80.

The New York Jets thought Alan Faneca was slipping, but Madden 11 has the new Cardinals guard ranked among the top 10 players in the NFC West at 91. Adam Snyder's rating looks a little high. Beanie Wells' rating could be a little low.

Your thoughts?

Madden 11: NFC West overall ratings