Free-agency recap: How Seahawks fared

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Seahawks took a relatively understated approach to free agency heading into the 2008 season.

They paid more to T.J. Duckett than I might have anticipated, but Duckett proved effective in short-yardage situations. He also scored eight touchdowns.

The Seahawks invested in Duckett and Julius Jones with an eye toward the 2009 season and beyond. They were setting up their personnel for the post-Holmgren era. For that reason, and because they did not spend huge sums on either player, I might withhold judgment.

Re-signing Floyd Womack proved far more important than anticipated. He wound up being the Seahawks' most durable lineman, a huge upset.

In retrospect, the Seahawks would have been better off bringing back receiver D.J. Hackett and defensive tackle Chuck Darby. The injury situation at receiver made Seattle miss Hackett more than anticipated. And while Darby was nearing the end, the Seahawks arguably would have gotten more from Rocky Bernard if Darby had been there to push him.

Losing Josh Brown to the Rams might hurt the Seahawks eventually. Olindo Mare performed well enough last season to ease the sting.