Rams expect Matt Schaub's best

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- It's been a whirlwind week for Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

First, it appeared his status as the starter was tenuous at best, then a flurry of reports came out saying that he was becoming the star of a real life version of a terrible Robert DeNiro movie.

That all came on the heels of Schaub becoming the first player in NFL history to have an interception returned for a touchdown four weeks in a row.

All of that would seemingly add up to a chance for the St. Louis Rams to be the next in line to take advantage of a struggling signal caller chasing the road back to success.

From talking to the Rams, the view of Schaub is much different.

“I’m seeing almost a 67 percent completion, 10 touchdowns, and we know what he’s capable of doing," coach Jeff Fisher said. "He’s a very, very good quarterback. He can put the ball down the field. There’s nobody there better than [coach] Gary [Kubiak] to get things straightened out with him. Matt is a good quarterback. He can drop back, play-action, puts him in great position. Made a couple mistakes, but the season’s still early. He’s a good player. Believe me, we know him. We’re familiar with him. We’ve faced him many times.”

Not that you'd expect the Rams to say anything but respectful things about a team they're about to play. It would serve no purpose to make some bulletin-board proclamations about the quarterback's recent woes.

On top of that, the Rams are in no position to take anyone lightly at this point. Remember, it was just two weeks ago that San Francisco was coming to St. Louis with a struggling quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, a boatload of injuries and various other issues that made it look like the Niners were ripe for the picking. Instead, the Rams proved to be the tonic to what ailed the 49ers.

This week, it's on the Rams to find a way to reverse those roles and become the team that does find a way to keep Schaub's struggles going for at least one more week. Until then, expect nothing but respect from this side of the ledger.

"I know maybe he hasn’t had some of his best games in the past few, but Matt is a terrific quarterback and he’s one of the premiere quarterbacks in this league, so they are going to look to get back on track this week," defensive end Chris Long said. "It’s going to be our job to stick to what we do and try to get heat on him."