Warner transcends pass rushers

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Kurt Warner completed 27 of 32 passes -- 84.4 percent -- on first and second downs against the 49ers on Monday night.

The 49ers pressured him quite a few times, but Warner was able to throw the ball quickly and accurately enough to complete passes anyway.

ESPN Stats & Information also tracked Warner's production based on the number of pass rushers the 49ers sent his way on a given play.

Those numbers show the risks associated with blitzing a veteran quarterback who trusts his receivers.

Charting the number of pass rushers can be subjective.

Danny Mehigan, who tracked these numbers, counted eight rushers on the 46-yard pass from Warner to Steve Breaston. One of those rushers, Justin Smith, dropped into short coverage after an initial rush. Others, notably Takeo Spikes, delayed their rushes until they were sure Tim Hightower wouldn't get the ball on a handoff.

Warner's performance pretty much transcended the number of pass rushers. He was just good across the board.