Locker rooms a world unto themselves

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Bill Coats of Around the Horns offers a glimpse of life inside the Rams' locker room today. Players were talking politics, and safety Corey Chavous read aloud a Newsweek story about Iraq as teammates gathered around. I've never seen anything like that in an NFL locker room.

A glimpse inside Seattle's new digs Wednesday showed how extra space can allow for personal freedoms. The locker room covers 6,700 square feet. At one end, defensive tackle and part-time musician Craig Terrill dressed not far from a portable stereo blaring Lynyrd Skynyrd. Hip-hop beats percolated from other reaches of the locker room.

If anyone was reading Newsweek, I didn't notice. Guard Pete Kendall, now with the Redskins, used to sit at his locker completing crossword puzzles with a king-sized dip hanging from his lower lip. I once saw players fall out laughing after a defensive player mistook hair spray for antiperspirant, then wondered why his pits felt funny.