Age-old question for Seahawks' Milloy

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Seahawks confirmed Lawyer Milloy's expected signing with the team, presumably as a backup safety.

Milloy played nearly 90 percent of the Falcons' defensive snaps last season, but my initial expectation would be for Jordan Babineaux to join Deon Grant in the lineup at safety. Perhaps the Seahawks will find a situational role for Milloy. Perhaps Milloy will work his way into the lineup based on what happens early in the season. It's too early for declarations.

Quite a few NFL defensive backs remain productive into their 30s. I've got Milloy as the second-oldest defensive back in the league after teams reduced to the 53-player limit. The Broncos' Brian Dawkins, born Oct. 13, 1973, has Milloy beat by about a month (Milloy was born Nov. 14, 1973).

The chart shows the five oldest defensive backs in the league following roster cutdowns. The top five averaged 13 starts per player last season and 13.3 per player over each of the last three seasons. Of the five, Milloy started the most games (46 of 48) since 2006.

The Seahawks released a short statement announcing Milloy's addition. TV cameras showed Milloy on the University of Washington's sideline Saturday for the Huskies' home game against LSU. He grew up in Tacoma.