Around the NFC West: Kolb's mistakes

One thing about Kevin Kolb: He's honest.

The Arizona quarterback wasn't biting in the locker room following his team's defeat Sunday when a reporter suggested the Cardinals were this close to being 3-0 instead of 1-2.

"Guess what, we're one play away from being 0-3, too, because Carolina had the ball there at the end [in Week 1]," Kolb said.

Perhaps Kolb's background with the Eagles in Philadelphia, a tough media market, explains his aversion to sugar-coating. Whatever the case, Kolb has no trouble owning up to mistakes.

As Darren Urban of azcardinals.com writes, Kolb admitted he probably took a step backward during the Cardinals' 13-10 defeat at Seattle. Earlier in the week, coach Ken Whisenhunt could have glossed over Kolb's performance, offering excuses for a player making only his 10th regular-season start and third in a new offense. Instead, Whisenhunt used the word "uneven" to describe Kolb's play against Seattle. Noted: I'll be heading to Arizona for the Cardinals' game against the New York Giants in Week 4. Kolb's development is a continuing storyline in the division and one I want to follow early in the season.

Also from Urban: Kolb has been targeting tight ends to a greater degree than the Cardinals have in the recent past.

More from Urban: Larry Fitzgerald owes Antrel Rolle a broken nose (inside joke), while Darnell Dockett agrees to help Rolle get tickets to the Giants-Cardinals game even though Rolle has been talking trash to him.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic runs through the Cardinals' injury situation.

Also from Somers: Dockett's two-gapping role.

Brock Huard of 101ESPN Seattle breaks down the interception Kolb threw to Kam Chancellor late in the game Sunday. Huard says he was surprised a fifth-year player would make the error Kolb made on that play. According to Huard, Kolb easily could have thrown for 7-10 yards on the play if he had correctly identified the proper matchup (against Marcus Trufant, in this case) on what amounts to a very basic play, and one the Colts ran extensively when Huard was a backup quarterback for the team. Heap also might not have run a very good route on this play, according to Huard.

Dave Boling of the Tacoma News Tribune doesn't hold Aaron Curry responsible for failing to meet others' potentially unrealistic expectations. Boling: "Several plays in the loss to Pittsburgh showed why it was time for a change. This was one of those potentially lopsided contests in which your best players needed to make big plays for there to be any chance of an upset. Curry had his hands on what might have been a game-changing interception. He dropped it. But it wasn’t just that. On one Steelers touchdown run, he was slow to get off the ball and appeared to fill the wrong gap. Another time, when he was brought on a blitz up the middle, he made it through the gap only to be somewhat easily handled by the blocking back." Noted: The fact that Curry says he's at peace with his demotion and overall situation in Seattle seems inconsistent with how an elite, hard-charging linebacker would react.

Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times says Seahawks line coach Tom Cable, recuperating from back surgery, joined the team via Skype on Wednesday.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Oshiomogho Atogwe's affinity for comic books shines through in the action figures he purchased for several former Rams teammates. Thomas: "Atogwe, now a Washington Redskin, has been an avid collector of comic books since he was a child. Along with that, he collects action figures of super heroes and claims to have more than 2,000 of his favorite -- the Incredible Hulk. So he didn't just randomly leave some of his toys behind. Much thought went into the process."

Also from Thomas: thoughts on Sam Bradford's play thus far. Thomas: "Bradford is fighting it a little bit right now. Yes, the pass blocking overall has been bad. (The Rams aren’t getting nearly the kind of tackle play, for example, that they got a year ago in terms of pass blocking.) And although not as glaring as last year, there are times when the receiver corps could get more separation. But Bradford hasn’t always handled the pressure well, and missed some check-down opportunities against Baltimore. There are times when he needs to get the ball out quicker. Then again, I thought there might be a learning curve in this new offense early in the season, especially since the Rams have gone to a more down-the-field passing game. But it’ll come with time. Bradford works as hard as any Rams QB I’ve seen, so it’ll happen."

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com says 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh seems to be enjoying the change of pace as the team remains in Ohio between games in the Eastern time zone. Harbaugh on holding a walk-through in a parking lot behind the Holiday Inn where the team is staying: "When you've been doing this as long as I've been coaching and playing, you get excited when you get a good walk-through spot. Sometimes it's in a hotel ballroom. Sometimes it's outside with people looking and watching. That big slab of cement in the parking lot even had lines and tall trees around it. It was very private. That's one of the finer walk-through spots I've ever been associated with." Noted: Sounds like Harbaugh is loosening up with his public comments during this trip. Such an extended road trip would seem to be good for team building, replicating a training camp situation to a degree.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee says Harbaugh joked that the Eagles should rest Michael Vick out of concern for the quarterback's health.