2011 NFL Draft: Value of 25th overall pick

This is the final item in a series revisiting relatively recent NFL trades involving first-round draft choices in the slots NFC West teams occupy this year.

Beating the St. Louis Rams in Week 17 and the New Orleans Saints in the wild-card round cost Seattle 17 spots of draft order. The difference between the eighth and 25th picks -- 680 points on the draft-value chart -- equates to the 27th choice.

The Seahawks' late-season success and Matt Hasselbeck's role in it also surely complicated efforts to re-sign the quarterback.

The bottom line: Seattle's quarterback needs are in flux as the draft approaches, and the team is picking late enough to defy easy projections.

The Seahawks have enough needs throughout their roster to consider trading the 25th overall choice, something NFL teams have done four times in the last six drafts.

With that in mind, here's a look at what the 25th overall choice has brought in some previous trades involving only draft choices (player trades are prohibited during the lockout) ...

The pick: 25th overall

Held by: Seattle Seahawks

Most recent trade involving only picks: 2008. The Seahawks were in the middle of this one. They sent the 25th pick to Dallas, which took cornerback Mike Jenkins, in return for the 28th (Lawrence Jackson), 163rd (Owen Schmitt) and 235th (Brandon Coutu) choices. The trade-value chart says the Seahawks overpaid by about 30 points, or the equivalent of a pick late in the fifth round. Jenkins has one Pro Bowl on his resume. Jackson, Schmitt and Coutu are long gone from Seattle.

The price of moving up: In 2007, the New York Jets sent the 25th, 59th and 164th choices to the Carolina Panthers for the 14th pick, which the Jets used for Darrelle Revis. The trade-value chart says the Jets paid 1,056.8 points for picks worth 1,116 points. The difference equates to a pick late in the fourth round. Carolina selected linebacker Jon Beason (25th), offensive lineman Ryan Kalil (59th) and linebacker Tim Shaw (164th).

Sliding out of the round. Teams moved back from the 25th spot twice in the six most recent NFL drafts.

The chart shows which picks changed hands in those four recent trades involving the 25th overall choice.

Recent NFL Draft Pick Trades: 25th Overall Choice