Advantage 49ers? Mangini and NFC West

Eric Mangini's addition to the San Francisco 49ers gives the team a powerhouse offensive staff running 12 men deep, counting head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Mangini assumes the title of senior offensive consultant. Paul Wulff, former head coach at Washington State, remains as senior offensive assistant. Greg Roman returns as offensive coordinator after being mentioned (but never interviewed) as a potential head coaching candidate during the 49ers' run to the Super Bowl last season.

We can see from the chart how much manpower each NFC West team has funneled toward the offensive side of the ball. The 49ers lead the way. I'm counting in these totals head coaches with offensive backgrounds. Head coaches with defensive backgrounds obviously influence philosophy and play calling, but generally they're not involved in coaching that side of the ball to the same degree.

Mangini's background is primarily on defense, but the 49ers have named him to a role on offense. Mangini joins Harbaugh and Wulff as offensive-minded coaches with recent head coaching experience at the NFL or major college level.

The Arizona Cardinals have no single offensive line coach. Offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin and assistant offensive line coach Larry Zierlein are among those who will focus on that area. Coach Bruce Arians plans to call the plays. He is the only head coach in the division expected to serve as his team's primary playcaller.

2013 NFC West Offensive Coaches