NFC West teams paid $16.4 million per victory

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

What price per victory? The range has fallen between $8.1 million (Patriots) and $25.7 million (Raiders) over the last five seasons, based on NFL payroll information from Jason La Canfora.

Those figures reflect money spent divided by regular-season victories from 2004 through 2008. The chart ranks teams by most money spent per victory during that period.

The gap between highest and lowest spenders was relatively small. The lowest-spending team, Tampa Bay, spent 79.2 percent as much as the highest-spending team, Dallas.

For fun, I produced rankings for most money spent and most victories. I then subtracted the victory ranking from the spending ranking. In theory, teams with high differentials had more to show for their money.

Denver and San Diego led the way at plus-22. The Broncos were 27th in spending and fifth in victories. The Chargers were 26th and fourth, respectively.

The Jaguars were next at plus-19, followed by the Packers (16), Giants (14), Bucs (13), Eagles (13), Titans (12), Bears (12), Patriots (9), Falcons (9), Chiefs (6), Bengals (6), Steelers (5), Colts (3) and Panthers (even).

The 49ers and Jets tied for 19th at minus-5. The Seahawks and Cowboys tied for 21st at minus-7. The Cardinals were 25th at minus-10.

As La Canfora notes, the salary figures reflect cash spent, not salary-cap room consumed.