Gregg Williams says he will coach again

Gregg Williams, a man not known for mincing words when he was defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, spoke in a very different tone Friday.

At a charity golf tournament in his hometown of Excelsior Springs, Mo., Williams told Elizabeth Merrill that he will coach again.

Williams has been suspended indefinitely for his role in the Saints’ bounty program. Williams declined comment on the bounty scandal and said the golf event was “all about the kids,’’ who benefit from his charity foundation.

Williams left the Saints for the St. Louis Rams immediately after last season. He previously issued a public apology for his role in the scandal. The fact Williams is staying quiet might seem out of character. But it’s probably the smartest thing Williams can do right now. If he is ever going to have a chance to work in the NFL again, staying quiet and humble is his best approach.

Although NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been stern when handing out punishments in the past, he also has shown a willingness to give people second chances (see Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress). Williams was the only player, coach or administrator that did not appeal his suspension.

There have been many that have said Williams never again should be allowed to coach in the NFL. That might end up being the case.

But Williams is at least making an effort not to anger Goodell, any further and that could score him valuable points in the long run.