Fitzgerald, Willis lead NFC West brokers

The NFC West registered twice on Business Week's Power 100 list featuring sports' movers and shakers.

Larry Fitzgerald ranked 43rd and Patrick Willis ranked 53rd on the annual list.

A big thanks goes out to AFC South blogger and Business Week reader Paul Kuharsky for paying attention. A certain quarterback from his division topped the list.

Fitzgerald is making a repeat appearance. Willis wasn't ranked last year, but his new contract and rising profile got him noticed, according to his profile.

I would expect to see St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford move onto the list within the next year or two.

NFL players comprise 27 of the 100 spots on the list. I've broken them down by team, position and division.

Power 100: NFL Players by Team and Position

The second chart shows the AFC South's dominance with Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Matt Schaub and Maurice-Jones Drew landing spots on the list.

Power 100: NFL Players by Division and Position