So much for Green getting reps

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams talked about getting first-team reps for backup quarterback Trent Green in the final exhibition game tonight, but the idea apparently fizzled during a roughly 90-minute rain delay. Green attempted one pass during a three-play drive to a field goal. Brock Berlin took over from there. The Chiefs lead in the second quarter, 21-3.

Here's what Rams coach Scott Linehan was thinking when he named Green the starter for this game earlier in the week:

"This gives him a chance in a game to go out and find his rhythm, too, so he's not going into the season, if we ever call upon him or needed to call upon him, cold without reps. He needs to get out, too. We can't assume, just because he's a vet who knows the system, that he can just go out there and turn it on, although I would bet on him more than a lot of guys. He needs to go out and play and get his snaps in."

Green's experience, particularly in this offense, will have to get him through if something happens to starter Marc Bulger.