Kyle Williams' dad: 'Closer to criminal act'

Listening to Gregg Williams implore New Orleans Saints players to target various San Francisco 49ers has triggered varied reactions.

Randy Cross, retired 49ers offensive lineman and current analyst for Sirius radio, brushed off Williams' speech as so much pregame bluster.

"So the NFL Media Nanny State gets all up in arms about a FB coach espousing violent behavior," Cross tweeted. "You people are clueless about the game."

Ken Williams, father of 49ers receiver Kyle Williams, took a different stance after hearing Gregg Williams tell Saints players to target Kyle Williams' concussion.

"Personally, suspension or not, it's probably best I'm never in a room with Gregg Williams and wonder if such an order crosses the lines of the aggressive, competitive spirit we all know and love about the sport and leans closer to a criminal act and therefore litigious matter," Ken Williams said in a statement to the Chicago Tribune.

Kyle Williams has not spoken publicly on the matter. Gregg Williams issued a general apology last month, but nothing since audio recordings emerged featuring comments such as this one from the Saints' former defensive coordinator, now with St. Louis: "We need to find out in the first two series of the game, that little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to f---ing put a lick on him right now. He needs to decide. He needs to f---ing decide."

Kyle Williams has nothing to gain from speaking out on the matter. Ken Williams' comments are understandable. Comments such as the one Cross made seem to miss the distinction between playing violently and, say, specifically targeting Michael Crabtree's ACL, as Williams did on the recording.

"Playing hard and hitting hard is one thing," former Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor tweeted. "Going after ACL's and heads ... not cool."