Draft trade values: San Francisco 49ers

NFC West teams made 15 trades involving 2010 NFL draft choices. I've consulted the draft-value chart and crunched numbers to see how the 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams valued picks -- and players.

I'll continue with trades made by the 49ers (earlier: Cardinals, Rams).

San Francisco 49ers

Broncos trade: The chart says the 49ers came out ahead by 32 points when they traded up from the 13th to 11th overall choice to select Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis.

San Francisco sent the 13th (1,150 points) and 113th (68 points) to the Broncos for the 11th choice (1,250 points).

The 32-point differential equals the value of the 148th overall choice, which the Titans used for Utah safety Robert Johnson.

Chargers trade: The 49ers came out about even when they traded the 79th choice (195 points) to the Chargers for the 91st (136 points) and 173rd (23.2 points), plus a 2011 fourth-rounder (valued at 34 points if taken as a present-value 2010 choice in the middle of the fifth round).

Pre-draft trades: The 49ers' pre-draft trade for Ted Ginn Jr. valued him at the 145th choice (33.5 points). The Dolphins used that pick for Maryland cornerback Nolan Carroll. The pre-draft trade sending quarterback Shaun Hill to Detroit was for a 2011 selection.