Rolling with the punch lines in NFC West

Some have asked in jest -- at least I think they were kidding -- whether I take heat from colleagues for the slightly sub-sterling condition of the NFC West.

Let's just say it's getting warm in here.

Consider this shot from John Clayton as he sized up Week 17:

"The only divisional game that has all-or-nothing results is the NFC West clincher between the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams, and that contest is more like a play-in game for the NCAA basketball tournament. It will conclude the worst divisional race in league history and could produce a division winner with a losing record."

A play-in game?

Clayton has essentially reduced Rams-Seahawks to Winthrop against Arkansas-Pine Bluff for the right to play Duke.

One difference: Winthrop and Arkansas-Pine Bluff had winning records.