Faulk over Limbaugh sounds like good PR

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

News that Marshall Faulk might fill part of the void created by Rush Limbaugh's forced removal from a potential Rams ownership group sounded like good public relations.

Faulk's name as an all-time Rams great could be worth more than whatever his relative stake in an ownership group might be. Limbaugh signed a deal reportedly worth $38 million per year and $400 million overall. Faulk earned good money by NFL standards, but nowhere near those levels.

In 2000, when Faulk set a career high with 18 rushing touchdowns, the Rams' offense ran left 136 times, right 125 times and up the middle 110 times. Perhaps that makes him more of a centrist than the right-leaning Limbaugh.