Steve Young: State of Cards' QB situation

FORT WORTH, Texas -- For the fourth time, a big thanks goes to Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young for taking time Friday morning to discuss quarterback situations for each NFC West team.

I'm breaking out his thoughts and adding my own, continuing with a look at the situation in Seattle, where Matt Hasselbeck can become a free agent after following a poor regular season with a productive postseason.

Steve Young: Matt Leinart just didn't pan out. That is a disaster for a team. A first-round draft choice -- like with Alex Smith, they are both very similar. If you are going to take that first pick and he does not pan out, it is devastating because inevitably you are going to give them three or four years. For the Cardinals, that is brutal and I don't know if they really have a good plan. Those veteran guys who have been around and have played some football are really valuable guys.

My thoughts: The Cardinals thought they were signing such a player when they added Derek Anderson last offseason. They would be better off signing the quarterback they reportedly wanted to add over Anderson last offseason, provided Marc Bulger becomes available, as expected. Bulger hasn't been productive since the 2006 season, but the Rams' problems went far beyond the quarterback situation. Perhaps one season as a backup in Baltimore can help restore him physically and from a confidence standpoint. Arizona holds the fifth overall draft choice, putting the Cardinals in position to consider drafting a quarterback early. Adding the right quarterback in the first round and signing Bulger would upgrade the position. But if the Cardinals go into next season with John Skelton and Max Hall in prominent positions once again, they could be in for a repeat of the 2010 season.