Inside A Moment in Time

This was one assignment I was dreading a little bit.

ESPN.com had decided to take an iconic Super Bowl photo -- in this case, one of James Harrison returning Kurt Warner's interception for a touchdown -- and bring it to life through the eyes of those involved.

AFC North blogger James Walker drew the easier assignment, I figured, because the Steelers would surely embrace a chance to relive one of their finest moments. The challenge for me was finding the best ways to raise a potentially touchy subject with Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Tim Hightower, Lyle Sendlein and the other Arizona players.

It wasn't such a challenge, after all. Cardinals players were terrific in their cooperation. Warner discussed the play while walking with a plate of food across the Cardinals' locker room, which was open for interviews. He kept walking and I kept following until pretty soon we had made our way through the weight room and into a meeting area deeper within team headquarters.

The area was off-limits to reporters and I knew it, but ditching the ever-gracious Warner in mid-conversation didn't seem like the best route, either. Once Warner finished, I doubled back toward the locker room. Strong safety Adrian Wilson, one of the game's all-time great enforcers, blew my cover and made the easiest interception of his career, providing a personal escort that made it pretty clear he wouldn't be spotting me in the bench press anytime soon (nothing personal, just a player protecting his turf).

The finished product, available here, was worth the effort. A big thanks goes to Arizona-based colleague Pedro Gomez, who followed up with Fitzgerald and others to make sure we had good stuff.