Nothing like a one-pound BLT on game day

The Tailgate32 guys made their first NFC West stop in St. Louis recently.

They're hitting all 32 NFL teams in 17 weeks to sample the tailgating and overall fan experience on game days. One big find in St. Louis: a one-pound BLT sandwich packed with bacon.

The video features "King Ram" prominently. King Ram or someone looking like him represented Rams fans at a Hall of Fame function this year. My family dropped by one of the functions and spent some time with him. We found him to be one of the nicest Elvis-themed Rams fans out there.

The Tailgate32 crew is headed for Arizona this week, followed by a Thursday night visit to San Francisco for the 49ers' Oct. 18 game against Seattle. The group will be in Seattle for the Seahawks' Nov. 4 game against Minnesota.