What Mark Barron brings to the Rams

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As NFL trade deadline deals go, the swap between the St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers qualifies as the closest thing to a blockbuster that took place on Tuesday afternoon.

The Rams dealt a fourth- and sixth-round pick to the Bucs in exchange for safety Mark Barron, who was the Bucs' No. 7 overall pick just two years ago.

With that in mind, I asked ESPN Bucs reporter Pat Yasinskas to provide a little insight on what the Rams are getting in Barron.

Obvious question first, why didn't it work out between the Bucs and Mark Barron?

Yasinskas: Barron was not a bust by any means. He just never did the special things the previous regime thought he would. The coaching change from Greg Schiano to Lovie Smith hurt Barron's stock significantly. If Barron would have spent most of his time in the box, like Schiano wanted, things might have worked out. But new coach Lovie Smith brought in the Tampa 2, which didn't play to Barron's talents.

There was a lot of talk that Barron was miscast in Tampa Bay's defense. Do you agree with that assessment and do you think he has the upside to become a valuable piece if he's used different in St. Louis?

Yasinskas: Absolutely. Barron just wasn't fitting in Tampa Bay's new defense. But this is a guy who was a first-round pick only two years ago. He still has first-round talent and can be a big success if he's used the right way.

What are the Rams getting in terms of intangibles and leadership with Barron?

Yasinskas: Barron was a captain in college on a team that won two national championships. He knows how to win. He's not the most vocal guy, but he can lead by example. He's a hard worker with lots of talent. Put it all together and the Rams could end up with a very good player.