Tim Tebow? Examining whether he'd fit

Sorry, having a tough time envisioning the San Francisco 49ers acquiring Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos.

The 49ers, listed with Jacksonville and Green Bay among teams to watch in the Tebow trade talks, do have an opening at quarterback. They do feature prodigious options within their running scheme, options that could surely make use of a player with Tebow's running ability. And every team should consider adding assets to its roster when the value is right.

But if the 49ers do the smart thing by re-signing Alex Smith, where would Tebow fit into a roster already featuring 2011 second-round choice Colin Kaepernick? Where would Tebow fit into the long-term plans? Would he ever project as more than a gadget player? How would his notoriety affect dynamics at the position -- dynamics already thrown off, potentially, by the 49ers' Peyton Manning diversion?

Would Tebow be worth the trouble? He might be the perfect backup quarterback in some ways. A team wouldn't want to build its entire offense around a player with such a unique set of attributes, but if the starter were injured, Tebow's style could lend itself to short-term success.

In my view, the Broncos determined Tebow's style of play was not conducive to long-term success at the position. They did not think his presence on the roster was a net gain for their organization.

I'm not convinced Tebow would represent a net gain for the 49ers, either. New England seems like an ideal landing spot for two reasons. One, the man responsible for drafting Tebow, Josh McDaniels, is running the offense there. Two, Tom Brady's presence as the starter would suppress the irrational aspects of the Tebow phenomenon.

Throwing Tebow into the equation in San Francisco would muddy the quarterback dynamics at a time when the 49ers need clarity at the position.

Update: Schefter removed the 49ers from consideration, and team CEO Jed York has subsequently said Tebow would not play for the team.