$255 to see 49ers-Hawks from nosebleeds

Fans diving into the secondary market for NFL tickets will have to pay up for a shot at seeing the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Week 2.

2013 Cheapest NFL Tickets on StubHub

As of Monday, that game carried a $255 price tag for the cheapest ticket available through StubHub, a seat labeled "Upper Level Corner 300" -- not exactly prime real estate, but at least you can say you were there. None of the other NFL regular-season games carried a higher lowest price. Oh, and if you've got an extra $11,000 lying around, someone with four lower-level seats to the 49ers-Seahawks game will accommodate you.

Green Bay Packers home games filled the second through sixth overall spots, as the chart shows.

No other game involving an NFC West team ranked higher than 18th. The 49ers' games against Jacksonville (in London) and New Orleans tied for 18th with a $129 price for the cheapest ticket.

New Orleans at Seattle ranks 22nd at $120, with Green Bay at San Francisco two spots lower at $113. The Seahawks' game at San Francisco ($101) was just below a Tennessee Titans game at Seattle ($102).

These figures do not necessarily reflect what the typical ticket costs.

For example, Arizona's eight home games filled out the bottom eight spots, with cheapest "tickets" going for between $6 and $8. But when I tried to view those seats, I discovered someone was selling parking passes, not actual game tickets. The cheapest tickets for a Cardinals home game were about $30 apiece.

Note: Thanks to Brad from Seattle for tipping me off via the NFC West mailbag regarding where the 49ers-Seahawks game ranked. And if he was the guy offering the $255 ticket, very clever of him.

Followup note: As Sam mentioned in the comments section below, the lowest prices for some games were not displayed from the ESPN.com schedule page. I did not check those games manually. In some cases, the lowest prices could have been high enough to earn a spot on the chart.