Morning Ram-blings: Fisher denies rumors

ST. LOUIS -- On Sunday morning a flurry of rumors and speculation about multiple issues surrounding the St. Louis Rams popped up all over the place. None of them were particularly Earth-shattering, but one of the reports did carry some interest.

NFL Network reported during its pregame show that Rams coach Jeff Fisher was taking a more "hands on" approach with his defense and coordinator Tim Walton had taken a backseat.

On Monday afternoon, Fisher quickly shot down that notion.

“That comes from someone that doesn't know what they're talking about,” Fisher said.

In his first year as coordinator, Walton has drawn plenty of criticism for some of the puzzling coverage schemes and, especially, the disappointing performance of many of the team's young defensive backs. But Fisher and the defensive coaching staff have long maintained that the defense is a collaborative effort, an idea that they emphasized before Walton's arrival and continued after he came to St. Louis.

The Rams run Fisher's defense so he's always had a hand in the approach. There are limited ways in which he could be more hands on than he's always been.

One way would be for Fisher to actually call the defense. His scoffing at the suggestion of a larger role combined with no evidence of that during Sunday's game against New Orleans would seem to indicate Fisher is as involved with the defense as he's always been. That means offering suggestions to the coordinator during the game and helping put the game plan together during the week. Which is to say he's deeply involved, just like the rest of the defensive staff.

When it was suggested to Fisher that it was a busy weekend for rumors and innuendo, he opted to dismiss all of them at once.

“There was a lot of that stuff," Fisher said. "Interesting. I don't know. We work upstairs, then we come downstairs, we go onto the field, and don't pay attention to that stuff.”


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