Dilfer beat out Hasselbeck before tendon snapped

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Trent Dilfer's recent Achilles' tendon injury could have been worse for the NFC West if one of the other quarterbacks in attendance had been the unlucky one. Dilfer was playing knockout basketball with Matt Hasselbeck and others at a dude ranch in Colorado when the tendon snapped.

Mitch Levy of Seattle's KJR radio has the details in his interview today with Dilfer, who recently became an analyst for ESPN. Here's a preview (note that Dilfer calls Hasselbeck by his given name, Matthew):

"A bunch of us were at a dude ranch in Colorado vacationing as families and that night, Matthew and Steve Stenstrom and Danny Wuerffel and Todd Peterson and a bunch of guys were playing knockout basketball with a bunch of the staff at the ranch. After I had knocked out Matthew in the championship round, it was down to Stenstrom and I. As I went up for my last jumpshot of the evening to win the knockout championship, as I went up in the air I popped my left one."

Dilfer couldn't resist pointing out that he managed to beat out Hasselbeck, his good friend, during the competition. The 49ers' team doctors performed surgery about a week later, Dilfer said. The injury made it easier for Dilfer to retire, essentially taking the decision out of his hands. Listen to the KJR interview here. Note, too, that Dilfer thinks the Jeremy Shockey trade will pay huge dividends for the Saints because Sean Payton knows how to manage Shockey's personality.