Closer look at 49ers' 2012 draft-day parlay

The San Francisco 49ers parlayed the 92nd and 125th picks in the 2012 NFL draft for the 117th and 180th choices, plus 2013 selections in the third, fifth and sixth rounds.

That had to be one of the better value plays in the 2012 draft, the 49ers' own little penny project.

The fun began when the 49ers traded the 92nd pick to Indianapolis for the 97th choice and a 2013 pick in the fifth round. San Francisco then sent the 97th choice to Miami for the 103rd and 196th picks, plus a 2013 sixth-rounder. The 49ers then sent the 103rd choice to Carolina for the 180th choice and a 2013 third-rounder.

Finally, the 49ers traded the 125th and 196th picks to Detroit for the 117th choice, which San Francisco used for Wake Forest guard Joe Looney.

The chart below shows what the 49ers gave up and received each step of the way. I've underlined the 49ers' original choices in the left column and the choices they kept ultimately in the right column. Those picks represent the net exchange.

The 49ers already have Looney and the 180th choice, Michigan State safety Trent Robinson, to show for the trade. They also have those three additional picks in 2013. That means they could get five players for two choices.

Where Miami, Carolina and Indianapolis finish in 2013 draft order will influence the value San Francisco ultimately receives in return. Those teams had losing records last season.

Dropping from 92nd to 117th and from 125th to 180th was the net price San Francisco paid for these moves. Those drops represented a combined 98.6-point drop on the standard trade-value chart, which equates to roughly the 100th overall choice in the draft.

Put another way, it's as though the 49ers had said, "Hey, we'll trade you an early fourth-round pick this year for third-, fifth- and sixth-rounders next year."

2012 NFL Draft: 49ers Parlay