Opening lines of NFC West communication

The previous item stemming from a question delivered via Facebook prompted this from StoneCold4949: "Hey Mike, do you have Twitter as well?"

This is probably a good time to spell out more clearly and in one place all the ways we discuss the NFC West around here:

  • The blog itself. You're here, so you know. I regularly participate in discussions through the comments sections. Sometimes I'm a little late, depending on what's going on. Sometimes I dive right in.

  • My Facebook page. We're up to nearly 4,000 friends. Posting to my wall can be a good way to spark discussion. I'll reply to most comments or questions left there. Messages sent to me directly sometimes pile up. I'd rather respond on the wall, where others can join the discussion. Every time an item posts to the blog, a headline and link appear on my wall. Sometimes I'll post photos from stadiums or elsewhere. The interaction here tends to be more personal.

  • My Twitter account. We're past 21,500 followers and adding more every day. Blog headlines and links go to my Twitter account automatically, then to Facebook. I'll usually respond to a few questions and offer quick thoughts on NFL subjects a few times each day. As someone following more than 500 other accounts, though, I try not to chatter too much here. The interaction here is less personal than on Facebook.

  • The NFC West mailbag. Monitoring the mailbag has become less practical now that there's so much interaction through Facebook and Twitter. I generally single out five or 10 questions per week for one or two mailbag entries on the blog, but I'm more apt to see Facebook and Twitter comments in real time.

  • Thursday chats. I'll link to these every Thursday morning, usually in the first post of the day. They generally run for one hour beginning at 1 p.m. ET.

See you around.