From pants 'tragedy' to 'disastrous' stripes

Jamison Hensley's piece on AFC North uniform changes alerted me to Paul Lukas' detailed look at subtle team-by-team changes.

And you thought the NFL uniform launch was a one-day story. Hey, so did I, but plans change.

Lukas mocks the drama associated with what were mostly minor changes, but he also acknowledges intense interest in the Nike launch -- interest that has pumped up his count of Twitter followers from 12,500 past 40,000 in a few days.

And some of his comments regarding NFC West uniforms carry strong language.

Lukas' quick takes on NFC West changes:

  • Cardinals: "Black outlining that used to completely encircle collar now just wraps around part of collar, which is addition by subtraction. ... Has to annoy Nike that they're manufacturing this Reebok-template design."

  • 49ers: "Press notes say, 'Sleeve stripes are now horizontal to the field of play.' Maybe so, but they're still a disaster. ... Gold pants are now more of a matte mustard."

  • Rams: "New two-tone collar ruins an otherwise fine jersey. … According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, no more gold pants. If so, that's a tragedy -- the Rams' white jersey with gold pants was one of the best looks in the league."

  • Seahawks: "Complete overhaul. Too much to deal with here. I'll provide a full assessment of it in a few days."

The 49ers' sleeve stripes have never struck me as disastrous or even noteworthy, but I'm not a uniform expert, either. I'll have to follow up with Paul at some point in the future.