Which NFC West teams look the best

The Seattle Seahawks' new uniforms are different. We can agree on that.

My wife thinks the neon green piping along the outside pants seam resembles lighted arrows guiding plane passengers or moviegoers toward the exits.

She also once steered me away from a pair of white New Balance sneaks with blue lettering, informing me that those would instantly give me an old-guy look. I've been hyper-aware of those shoes ever since and can tell you she's pretty much 100 percent correct. Sorry, old guys.

To each, her own.

As for the Seahawks' new unis, I had a harder time identifying green jersey numbers on the dark blue background, at least in person (some said the numbers were easier to read on television).

Paul Lukas of the Uni-watch blog thinks about such things for a living. His team-by-team uniform rankings for the NFL will entertain you, I promise. Please check them out here. I've broken out NFC West teams' rankings and his corresponding comments below. I'll throw in my own thoughts too.

8. San Francisco 49ers

Lukas: "Wouldn't it be great to have been in the room when they decided how to design the 49ers' sleeve stripes? "We don't really have room for three full stripes," someone must have said, "so let's just use partial stripes!" And then they presumably went back to whatever they were smoking. Aside from that, though, the Niners look very, very good these days."

Sando: The top four uniforms in the rankings belong to iconic franchises with long traditions of success. The 49ers are in that category as well. Does on-field success enhance our feelings for a uniform over time? I think so. Great-looking uniforms will rank highly, but success makes decent-looking ones rate higher in our minds. That's my theory, anyway.

21. St. Louis Rams

Lukas: "The helmet design is still the class of the league, but the Rams' aesthetic stock has fallen in recent years. They wear blue-over-blue too often, and this season they've mothballed their gold pants -- a major mistake, since their white-over-gold look was one of the sharpest in the NFL."

Sando: Kevin Demoff, the Rams' chief operating officer, has said the team is evaluating its uniforms this season. Demoff to Rams on Demand: "I personally love the old blue and white uniforms as I have said on many occasions and our fans have fond memories of the blue and yellow. Maybe a new fresh look would be appropriate. Heck, I even like the Cleveland Ram uniforms as a throwback option."

27. Seattle Seahawks

Lukas: "Nike's signature design for the 2012 NFL season is great if you think sports is about superheroes wearing costumes, but not so great if you're into athletes wearing uniforms. Truth to tell, the white jersey and pants aren't so awful, but the blue set has way too much of that Day-Glo green tone (here at Uni Watch HQ, we call it neon snot). Meanwhile, the only real difference between the gray alternate and the white-on-white uni is that the gray one looks like it needs laundering."

Sando: Check back in a couple years. Best-case scenario for Seattle, the look is ahead of its time and other teams will follow suit.

29. Arizona Cardinals

Lukas: "What a mess. The old-school helmet doesn't match the newfangled jersey and pants. All the black piping and white sleeve paneling on the jersey needs to go, and the pants piping is a joke. And if someone in the Arizona legislature would kindly pass a law prohibiting the blood-clot look, the entire sports world would no doubt do an end zone dance of joy."

Sando: Paul's risking a flag for unnecessary roughness. I'll never look at the Cardinals' uniforms the same way again.