Stacking up NFC West naming-rights deals

The San Francisco 49ers signed the largest stadium naming-rights deal in the NFC West. They'll see less money from it than their division rivals will see from their deals, however.

That is because the 49ers must funnel 70 percent of the 20-year, $220.3 million payout to the local stadium authority in Santa Clara. That leaves about $66.1 million to the 49ers, less than what other NFC West teams will receive from their naming-rights deals. I would consider that a price paid for getting a stadium built in California with public support, something teams have struggled to accomplish.

The other NFC West teams keep 100 percent of their naming-rights cuts. That is not the full story, however. For example, the Arizona Cardinals received a 100 percent cut of their $154.5 million naming-rights deal after agreeing to cover millions in construction overruns. The Seahawks were also responsible for millions in cost overruns. Their naming-rights deal requires them to use proceeds for maintenance, upgrades and a fund for youth fields.

The chart provides an overview for naming-rights deals in the division, with figures coming from media reports. The 49ers and Seahawks signed deals with sponsor options to purchase additional years. I'll update the figures if and when new information becomes available. As noted, the figures come from media reports.

NFC West Stadium Naming-Rights Deal