A vote for Dickerson's 248-yard masterpiece

Ed from Arrowhead, Calif., thinks Eric Dickerson's 248-yard rushing game for the 1985 Los Angeles Rams against Dallas warranted inclusion on our list of 25 top postseason performances.

"The Rams had no QB and Dallas knew all the Rams could do was run, and they still couldn't stop him," Ed writes. "Dickerson was the only offense for that team. How does John Riggins, with a 100 yards less [Riggins actually had 185 yards in a 1983 playoff game], make it over Dickerson?

"Winslow catches for 166 and can't keep himself hydrated well enough, so he gets the No. 2 spot? Yes, I saw the game on TV as well, but let's get real here. Winslow was NOT the only weapon for the Chargers. Wes Chandler scored, Chuck Muncie scored, James Brooks scored twice. Winslow had one TD and a blocked kick.

"You guys are saying THAT performance out-did Dickerson's 248 yards and two touchdowns? I think not."

Mike Sando: Statistics played an important role in putting together my ballot, but this was not a ranking of the 25 best stat lines in postseason history. We took into account other factors, including the significance of the games, which favored Super Bowls in some cases.

Steve Young's six-touchdown game against San Diego in the Super Bowl was my No. 1 performance. The six TDs were a big part of that, but so was the fact that the victory gave Young his own championship legacy outside of Joe Montana's shadow. Winslow's performance was second on my ballot even though I was also leery of giving him too much credit for nearly collapsing after the game. That was one of the most memorable games of any kind in NFL history. That mattered to me.

Dickerson's performance came during an otherwise forgettable game. The Rams led 3-0 at halftime. They won the game 20-0. They picked off Danny White three times. For the Rams, that victory set up ... a shutout defeat to Chicago a week later.

Dickerson was indeed all the Rams had going for themselves offensively in those playoffs. Dieter Brock was the quarterback. He completed 6-of-22 passes against the Cowboys in that divisional-round game. Dickerson had scoring runs of 55 and 40 yards. He was sensational. While I could make a case for Dickerson's inclusion on the list, I don't feel as though leaving him off counts as an oversight. The fact that Riggins was 33 years old and willing the Redskins toward their first Super Bowl under Joe Gibbs helped his cause.