Upon further review, catch and a fumble

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I've looked several times at what officials ruled an incomplete pass to San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis on Sunday at Candlestick Park, and it still looks like a catch and fumble.

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera think so, too.

According to emails and Twitter feeds, many of you have as well.

Rivera plans to send what could have been a game-changing play in Carolina's 10-9 victory over the 49ers to the NFL office to get another opinion.

"We'll see what kind of interpretation we get,'' Rivera said on Monday.

The play happened with just under two minutes left in the first half, when quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw a pass in the flats to Davis. The tight end appeared to make the catch, turn and take a couple of steps before the Panthers knocked the ball out and recovered around their own 5.

The officials ruled on the field an incompletion. The Panthers challenged and the officials stuck with the ruling on the field, telling Rivera in their opinion Davis didn't make a football move.

San Francisco went on to kick a field goal for a 9-0 lead.

Rivera didn't make a fuss about it after the game. Asked if he would have been that accepting of the decision had the outcome been different, Rivera said, "Probably not. It's human nature.''

"As much as I disagree, it's part of the game,'' Rivera added. "It's the element we have to accept. And that's the human element. These guys are trying to make decisions just like we are. Sometimes they are correct and sometimes they aren't.''

In this case, Rivera believes the officials missed the call, so he's sending video to the league for a second opinion.