Power Rankings: No. 25 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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So yeah, three straight wins buys the New York Giants a four-point jump in this week's Power Rankings. Not everyone's impressed, of course. Mike Sando left them at No. 28 with teams like the Bills, Falcons, Texans and Steelers still in front of them. I personally had the Giants at No. 24 this week, along with Kevin Seifert and John Clayton. Ashley Fox put them at 26. And Jamison Hensley bumped them all the way up to No. 22. So some difference of opinion about just how good the Giants are at this point and how real this three-game winning streak is.

Two of the teams the Giants beat -- the No. 27 Raiders and the No. 30 Vikings -- rank behind them in the rankings. The other, the Eagles, are all the way up to No. 14 now that they're back to .500. This week's Giants opponent, the Packers, drop to No. 13 due to the absence of Aaron Rodgers. After that, the remaining five teams on the schedule are the No. 15 Cowboys, the No. 23 Redskins (whom they play twice), the No. 17 Chargers, the No. 3 Seahawks and the No. 9 Lions.

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