Cardinals validating status as division favorites

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

SEATTLE -- The Cardinals are making a statement louder than the Qwest Field crowd.

They are dominating both lines of scrimmage against Seattle. Left tackle Mike Gandy obliterated Seahawks rookie Aaron Curry during a 12-yard run. Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell blew up the left side of thSeahawks' offensive line before pouding Matt Hasselbeck with a fumble-forcing sack.

The Cardinals are even winning the tactical battles (a pooch kickoff caught Seattle unprepared).

Kurt Warner is standing in the pocket patting the ball like it's his pet terrier. Give him a glass of lemonade back there. Patrick Kerney did get to him once, after the Cardinals showed their hand with an empty backfield.

This isn't looking good for Seattle. Hasselbeck did stay in the game after that big hit, but he won't last the game if he takes many more of those. Adrian Wilson also hit him once.