Inside Slant: NFL draft order emerges

We are well into the second half of the NFL season, at which point we tend divide the NFL into two factions: Teams pursuing a playoff spot and those in contention for a high draft pick.

You can check out ESPN.com's playoff standings over here. In this post, you'll see the current top-of-the-draft order if the season had ended today. It includes all games played as of Monday morning.

As you know, draft order is determined in reverse order of record. Ties are broken by reverse order in strength of schedule. I've also included the remaining strength of schedule for each team so you can get an idea of how volatile that could be for each team.

It's worth noting that the Jacksonville Jaguars have the NFL's second-easiest schedule the rest of the way. That puts them in good shape for winning any tiebreaker at the top of the draft order, providing they don't win finish with more victories than the Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

(The Buffalo Bills have the NFL's easiest remaining schedule at .347.)

One way or the other, we'll have this draft order updated every week for you on ESPN.com. Because help is only a few months away.