If season ended today, Texans draft third

With most teams 10 games into their 2013 season, ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert is starting to examine the top of next year's draft.

That's based on record, followed by strength of schedule.

If the season ended today, the Texans (2-8) would draft third, after Jacksonville (1-9) and Minnesota (2-8). The Falcons and Buccaneers follow, both also sporting 2-8 records.

The Texans still have some difficult teams on their schedule, but overall it gets a lot easier from here.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, the combined record of the Texans' opponents so far is tied for the third best in the NFL. That means the Texans' schedule so far has been the third toughest in the NFL.

The combined records of their remaining opponents ranks 18th in the NFL. That upcoming schedule includes the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, three of the five AFC teams that have winning records. But it also features the one-win Jacksonville Jaguars twice and the 4-6 Tennessee Titans.