Tim Tebow to Jaguars logic is flawed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Tim Tebow-to-the Jaguars movement seemed to have slowed until golf pro Dewey Arnette revved it back up by purchasing an ad in the Florida Times-Union newspaper urging owner Shad Khan to sign the former University of Florida standout.

But the latest effort -- which comes on the heels of a plane carrying a banner urging the same thing flying around EverBank Field on Sunday -- isn't going to make a difference. General manager Dave Caldwell has made it abundantly clear that the team has no desire to sign Tebow.

That's not going to stop Tebow's fans from trying to get him to change his mind, but they're using flawed logic.

Their top argument is that signing Tebow would mean fans would fill EverBank Field. Maybe they would. The novelty of having the Jacksonville native and Heisman Trophy winner would surely cause a spike in attendance for one or two of the Jaguars' three remaining home games. But what about long term?

How many will show up for every home game? How many of them will buy season tickets, which are the lifeblood of a franchise? Some surely will, but what's the number? Ten thousand? Five thousand? Five hundred? There's no way to know for sure and a billboard or newspaper ad promising that the stadium will be filled is hardly a guarantee.

Besides, Tebow wouldn't be on the field anyway. He's not going to play quarterback, certainly not coming in with six weeks remaining in the season and having to learn a brand new offense. He wouldn't be the Jaguars' quarterback next season, either. Caldwell is drafting a quarterback in the first round in May -- and if he doesn't and instead opts for Jadeveon Clowney, he's taking a quarterback pretty soon after.

Which results in the second argument that Tebow's supporters use: He can switch positions and play fullback or tight end.

That makes it sound as if playing fullback and tight end is so easy anyone can do it. Learning to block blitzing linebackers and defensive ends, apparently, is pretty darn easy. A minicamp, a couple of practices, and a preseason game or two and Tebow would be able to play positions he's never played before as well as guys who have been doing it since high school.

Forget how illogical that sounds. It's also a slap in the face to fullbacks (however few there are remaining) and tight ends who have worked for years to reach the NFL.

It's easy to understand the Tebow fervor. The Jaguars are floundering, Blaine Gabbert obviously isn't the answer, and there isn't anyone on the roster who generates any excitement or national attention. Tebow would certainly generate national attention and his jersey would fly off the racks. But he wouldn't make an impact on the field.

The Jaguars need players who can make an impact. They add enough of those and there will be plenty of people in the seats.