Schaub knows his future is uncertain

HOUSTON -- Matt Schaub wasn't in much of a mood to chat Wednesday, after remaining the Texans' backup quarterback despite entering Sunday's game against the Raiders late in the third quarter. He admitted to the uncertainty surrounding his position.

"I don't know what the future lies," Schaub said. "I don't know what's going to happen. I just know we have to go out and win a football game."

Asked a couple questions about the fans, Schaub replied with these:

"I can't control how people feel or how they react. They're fans. That's what they're there for. Good or bad."

And on booing:

"I don't care. I just try to go out and execute the play that's called and go out and win a football game. I don't care about that outside stuff. It doesn't matter. It doesn't affect anything that happens on the field."

One might argue that it actually does affect what happens on the field, as Schaub himself discussed earlier in his interview session, since the Texans had to go to a silent count.

The way this season has gone has created awkwardness around his position in a lot of ways. One bit of awkwardness seems to have been mollified, though. Andre Johnson, who said he and Schaub were fine after Sunday's game, said when he arrived at the facility on Monday, Schaub was the first person with whom he spoke.

"I don't think anybody saw this coming," Johnson said, about the way Schaub's season has unfolded. "At the same time it's the nature of the business. Guys come, guys go.

"You hate to see it happen because we, me and him have played a lot of football together. I've caught a lot of passes from him. You never know what can happen. You hate to see what he's went through as a player. I'm pretty sure it's been stressful for him. At the same time he still comes in here and prepares to go out and play."