JFK Remembered: Tom Moore

Assistant head coach Tom Moore was serving in Korea at the time he heard the news. Michael Thomas/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals assistant head coach/offense reflects on the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

“I was in Korea in the Army. I was coaching a post football team and I was listening to the radio. I woke up about 4:30 Saturday morning [Nov. 23, 1963] and it [radio] said that Kennedy had been assassinated. So the general called me, ‘Should we play the game or shouldn’t we play the game?’

“Well, we played the game.

“They felt since we were away from home to keep their minds right and stuff. We didn’t have families and stuff, and I think the generals just felt like it was better to get it off the mind and have something to do instead of just thinking.”

-- Moore, 75, as told to ESPN.com Cardinals reporter Josh Weinfuss