Tony Romo blocks out the trash talk

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo isn't one to trash talk, and his teammates have been relatively quiet regarding what they're going to do in Sunday's game at the New York Giants.

It doesn't mean that Romo isn't aware of what's being said, starting with Jason Pierre-Paul's thoughts that there will be blood spilled in Sunday's game.

"More than anything you just go play the opponent and some places, some teams are better than others," Romo said after Thursday's practice. "And I think some teams matchup up well with other teams. This Giants team is a good football team, that’s playing really good right now. They’re obviously going to be ready to go, and we hear about all the stuff they’re saying this week, and I think it will be a great test and we’ll be ready to go."

Romo said he knows why the Giants are talking a little trash this week, they've won four consecutive games after an 0-6 start. A victory on Sunday would put the Giants in a good position, tied for second-place with the Cowboys, in the NFC East

"It happens sometimes, they’re getting on a roll and they understand how important this football game is," he said. "And we're going to put our head down and go to work and let everybody else out there talk."