Shanahan denies report on RG III

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan strongly denied a report that quarterback Robert Griffin III requested the coaches not include his negative plays in film reviews.

NFL.com reported that Griffin’s coaches at Baylor accommodated this request, but that the Redskins coaches told him they would not do this.

“That’s completely untrue, completely false,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan said Griffin has never asked them to do this. Shanahan said it was important enough for him to refute this story that he took a break from watching film of the previous day’s practice to talk to a couple reporters.

The NFL.com report also said that Shanahan and Griffin met to “clear the air” earlier in the week following Griffin’s postgame comments after the loss in Philadelphia. That’s not a surprise considering offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Griffin had approached him to discuss the matter as well.

"You guys make a big deal of it, and understandably so," Kyle Shanahan said. "I totally understand that, but I try not to pay too much attention to quotes and stuff because you never really know what someone meant and what they were trying to say or whether they meant what they said. What helped me was that Robert did come in. I didn’t ask him to. He came in and talked to me on Monday about it and tried to clear it up with me and explain to me what he meant to say. Once I heard him and talked to him, I was fine with it. I didn’t take anything personally and it made sense to me what he told me. I had no problems with it.”

The NFL.com report also suggests there could be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction in the locker room. Numerous players, on and off the record, have supported Griffin in recent weeks in terms of his leadership and approach. Receiver Santana Moss was upset with how Griffin handled his postgame comments, though said it was as much because other players after recent games had handled their comments poorly -- he mentioned Pierre Garcon saying the passing game "sucks" after Denver.