Deep ball mars Reed's homecoming

BALTIMORE -- Ed Reed spent most of his career in Baltimore, so it’s no wonder the ties are deep. Before the game, Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb asked Reed if he could have his jersey, and on the field in the frigid air after the 19-3 loss, Reed took it off and give it to him.

Reed also had a hand in the touchdown play that cemented the Ravens' win in the third quarter. He was right there as Joe Flacco threw a 66-yard pass to Jacoby Jones, Reed put his arms out to grab Jones by the hips, but there was too much momentum and speed and they all ended up in the end zone, Jets defensive back Dee Milliner and Dawan Landry at their heels.

“We knew they were going to take a shot,” Reed said. “They had the wind at their backs. So we knew they were going to throw deep, Jacoby made a play. He adjusted to the ball really well. I probably should have grabbed him and taken the penalty, but he was the one that made the play.”

"I’m not going to pin it on any individual,” Ryan said. “Certainly not one one guy, certainly not Ed Reed. He’d probably be the third on that list if you want all honesty.”

Milliner actually took the blame for the touchdown, saying it was on him.

“I was right there, just got to go get the ball,” Milliner said. “Flacco threw a good ball, threw away from both the defenders and Jacoby made a good catch.”

Milliner also dropped an interception in the first quarter, which he said would have changed the momentum of the game right away. Antonio Allen dropped another one. The only one who did grab one was Antonio Cromartie, who later left the game with a hip injury, and also allowed a 60-yard pass to Torrey Smith.

“Overall, we did OK,” Cromartie said. “There were a few passes that got away from us, and there were also some plays that we could have made. We will just keep working at it.”

Afterward Reed played a bit of the philosopher.

“It’s always special being here,” Reed said. “You hate to be on this side of the fence. Somebody’s got to win, somebody’s got to lose. It was a great football game. It’s a child’s game we play. We had fun. We’ve got to make our corrections and be ready to play next week.”

Using words “great football game” and “fun” in the context of the decisive 19-3 loss may seem particularly tone-deaf, but then again Reed is coming back home, which adds a little perspective.