NFL Week 12 QB Report

Philip Rivers, Josh McCown and Tom Brady all threw for more than 300 yards on Sunday. AP Photo

Production and holiday complications required a condensed version of our weekly deep-dive into NFL quarterback play. Many thanks to our friends at ESPN Stats & Information for supplying data to drive this post. Remember that Total QBR runs on a scale of 0-100. The scale for traditional passer rating is 0-158.3.

Carson Palmer

Passer rating: 114.0

QBR: 93.1

Briefly: Palmer burned the Indianapolis Colts' blitz, completing 10 of 13 passes against it for 163 yards and two touchdown passes (both to receiver Larry Fitzgerald).

Philip Rivers

Passer rating: 127.3

QBR: 86.7

Briefly: Sunday brought Rivers' first winning touchdown pass with under one minute remaining in the fourth quarter/overtime since 2009. He has tied the NFL record for the most games (four) with at least 390 passing yards.

Josh McCown

Passer rating: 102.4

QBR: 80.3

Briefly: McCown's 352 passing yards were his most in a game since 2005. With enough action plays to qualify, McCown now has the NFL's highest Total QBR for the season (81.0).

Alex Smith

Passer rating: 106.7

QBR: 79.4

Briefly: Smith demonstrated he could keep pace in a shootout, completing 26 passes for 294 yards, both season highs, against the San Diego Chargers. His 5-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe should have won the game.

Mike Glennon

Passer rating: 138.4

QBR: 78.5

Briefly: Since throwing two interceptions in his first start, Glennon has 12 touchdown passes and two interceptions over seven games. He has been exceptionally accurate on deep passes, and Sunday he completed all three of his throws that traveled more than 15 yards past the line of scrimmage, gaining a total of 148 yards.

Drew Brees

Passer rating: 115.5

QBR: 77.7

Briefly: Brees' 44-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jimmy Graham was the QB's 13th this season to travel at least 15 yards in the air. That total leads the league this season. (No other quarterback has more than nine.)

Kellen Clemens

Passer rating: 86.7

QBR: 76.6

Briefly: Clemens actually completed a season-low 45.5 percent of his passes in the Rams' commanding victory over the Bears.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Passer rating: 109.2

QBR: 76.5

Briefly: Sunday was the first 300-yard game without an interception in Fitzpatrick's career. He completed eight of 10 passes for 67 yards on the Titans' game-winning drive against the Oakland Raiders.

Ben Roethlisberger

Passer rating: 102.2

QBR: 76.2

Briefly: After opening the season with 13 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions, Roethlisberger has six touchdowns and no interceptions in his past two games.

Matt Flynn

Passer rating: 85.2

QBR: 74.5

Briefly: Flynn led the Packers to 19 points in three quarters. That's more points than Seneca Wallace or Scott Tolzien had gotten the Packers in either of their previous two games.

Matt Ryan

Passer rating: 97.4

QBR: 72.7

Briefly: Ryan took a sack on 16 percent of his second-half drop-backs against the Saints, his highest percentage in any half of a game this season.

Ryan Tannehill

Passer rating: 86.4

QBR: 69.9

Briefly: Tannehill faced a blitz on only 21.3 percent of his drop-backs Sunday, the fourth-lowest mark of the weekend. He finished with 310 passing yards, his second-highest total of the season.

Matt McGloin

Passer rating: 82.8

QBR: 64.5

Briefly: No one was blitzed more in Week 12 than McGloin, who faced an extra rusher on 54.5 percent of his drop-backs against the Oakland Raiders.

Tom Brady

Passer rating: 107.4

QBR: 61.0

Briefly: With three touchdown passes and no interceptions Sunday night, Brady now has eight and one, respectively, in his past three games. He opened the season with nine touchdown passes and six interceptions in eight games.

Joe Flacco

Passer rating: 97.1

QBR: 51.1

Briefly: Flacco threw three passes Sunday that traveled farther than 30 yards in the air, completing two of them. Prior to Week 12, he had completed four of 17 such throws.

Tony Romo

Passer rating: 86.5

QBR: 49.3

Briefly: Sunday was Romo's 11th game-winning drive in the fourth quarter over the past three seasons, the most in the NFL over that span.

Christian Ponder

Passer rating: 103.9

QBR: 48.2

Briefly: Ponder had one of his better passing days of the season against the Green Bay Packers, and it would have been better if three key passes hadn't been dropped. But against a defense that blitzed him on 51.4 percent of his drop-backs, Ponder took six sacks and had three nonproductive scrambles.

Chad Henne

Passer rating: 93.1

QBR: 39.6

Briefly: Henne's average pass traveled 2.75 yards past the line of scrimmage against the Houston Texans, by far the lowest mark in Week 12 for a starter.

Matthew Stafford

Passer rating: 61.6

QBR: 35.9

Briefly: Stafford forced a few passes in his eagerness to get the ball to receiver Calvin Johnson, who caught seven of his 14 targets from Stafford. Two were intercepted.

Eli Manning

Passer rating: 92.9

QBR: 31.9

Briefly: Manning targeted receiver Victor Cruz a season-low four times Sunday against the Cowboys.

Peyton Manning

Passer rating: 70.4

QBR: 28.1

Briefly: Manning's 150 pass yards were his lowest in a game since the 2010 season.

Cam Newton

Passer rating: 60.6

QBR: 27.5

Briefly: Newton had a poor day downfield, failing to connect on any of his seven passes that traveled more than 15 yards. But he did put together the fifth game-winning drive of his career.

Andrew Luck

Passer rating: 60.1

QBR: 21.9

Briefly: Luck found himself under duress on a career-high 15 drop-backs against the Arizona Cardinals, even though they blitzed only 29 percent of the time.

Brandon Weeden

Passer rating: 64.6

QBR: 17.8

Briefly: Weeden did well in targeting receiver Josh Gordon, hitting him on eight of nine targets and accounting for 166 of Gordon's 237 receiving yards. Weeden entered the game in the third quarter after starter Jason Campbell suffered a concussion.

Case Keenum

Passer rating: 54.7

QBR: 14.4

Briefly: Keenum dropped back 35 times and managed 169 passing yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the second-lowest ratio of Week 12.

Geno Smith

Passer rating: 22.3

QBR: 3.1

Briefly: Smith completed seven of 18 passes from the pocket, including two that were intercepted, for a total of 97 yards. This season, he has thrown seven touchdown passes and 19 interceptions from the pocket.