Inside Slant: Updated draft order

Week 13 provided a shakeup near the top of the projected 2014 draft order, most notably as it relates to a two-year-old trade that is looking better and better for the St. Louis Rams.

If the season ended Sunday night, the Rams would own the No. 3 overall pick. It represents part of the payment for their 2012 trade with the Washington Redskins, who drafted quarterback Robert Griffin III with the Rams' No. 2 overall pick.

The Redskins are one of four teams with 3-9 records at the moment, a tie the NFL would break in reverse order of strength of schedule. That order, as it stands now, can be viewed in the chart to your right.

Had the Minnesota Vikings lost a Week 12 game against the Green Bay Packers instead of tied, giving them a 3-9 record now instead of a 3-8-1 mark, they would "win" that tiebreaker for the moment and would be at No. 2 on this list.

For now, the fun part of projected draft order is determining how many teams near the top are likely to be seeking quarterbacks. Some teams, among them the Rams and Falcons, could be in position to trade with a team who is more quarterback needy. As always, stay tuned.