Best AFC East Rivalry: Patriots vs. Jets

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Over the past seven years, two teams have won the AFC East. The New England Patriots won six of them. The New York Jets won the other in 2002.

When such dominance exists, on-field rivalries have a tendency to wither away. It takes extenuating circumstances such as Spygate or Bill Parcells' bluster to maintain intensity.

That's why it was so easy to pick Patriots-Jets as the best AFC East rivalry. Not only have they had the most success -- one far more than the other -- but they've also kept tensions high with their boardroom soap operas.

Nothing else in the division comes close because the Buffalo Bills haven't made the playoffs in eight years. The Dolphins haven't been there in seven years and haven't won a postseason game in eight.

Intensity Rating: 4. (All coaches and sideline personnel should be patted down for weapons before the national anthem.)