Texans alone with NFL's worst record

HOUSTON -- Week after week, the frustration mounts.

Neither the Texans players nor coaches are intentionally playing for the dubious distinction of having the first pick in the draft. It's not in their interest to keep losing -- it's in their interest to win. But the reality of their situation right now is the first overall pick is one of the few positive outcomes for the Texans that can be salvaged from this season.

The Texans have the worst record in the NFL. They did last week, too, but they shared the mark with two other teams. At the time the Jaguars and Falcons were also 2-9. The Minnesota Vikings were 2-8-1.

No more.

The Jaguars, Falcons and Vikings all won on Sunday, notching victories shortly after the Texans secured their 10th loss of the season. That makes the Texans the only NFL team with just two wins. No need for tiebreakers anymore. The Texans control their own destiny for the first overall selection in the 2014 draft.

Houston travels to Jacksonville this Thursday, and then Indianapolis the following week. The Texans host the Broncos in Week 16, before traveling to Nashville to finish their season against the Titans.