Dan Graziano's MVP Watch

Russell Wilson has helped lead the Seattle Seahawks to the best record in the NFL. Daniel Shirey/USA TODAY Sports

The pocketwatches really like "C'mon, Man!," so the Watch is always watching with them when the "Monday Night Football" pregame show is wrapping up. This week, as the predictions rolled in, the older of the two pockets noted how many of our analysts were picking the Saints on the road. Because the Seahawks have not lost a home game since before he knew what a football was, this surprised him.

"Daddy," he asked, his minute hand furrowed in confusion, "do you think the Saints can win?"

"I don't think so," the Watch replied, equally puzzled by the picks. "I kind of think Seattle might blow them out."

This jibed with what the young one thought, so it made him happy, and soon thereafter he was off to bed and sleeping the sleep of the reassured. Doubt had invaded his mind only briefly, which is longer than it ever apparently invaded Russell Wilson's.

Wilson and the Seahawks were bothered by Drew Brees and the visiting Saints in the same way lightning is bothered by an oak tree. The latest showdown between MVP Watch regulars was a wipeout, and it established Wilson as the clear top challenger -- if in fact there's ever going to be one -- to the man who has owned the No. 1 spot since August.