The hype level for Favre-Packers II

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

I’m of the opinion that Favre-Packers II won’t be quite as big of a deal as Favre-Packers I. (And no, it’s not ONLY because Sunday’s game will be televised on a network other than ESPN.) Favre

We’ve already hashed through all of the issues, except for the minor detail of Brett Favre standing on the visitor’s sideline at Lambeau Field. We’ve heard Favre talk about his feelings of revenge, or lack thereof, and thoroughly discussed the direction the Packers have taken since parting ways with him.

So I hereby pledge to hype this Sunday’s game only to an excessive, but certainly not obnoxious, degree. There’s a difference. Trust me.

I think the moment Favre jogs onto the field Sunday afternoon will be dramatic. So will fans’ reaction the first time his name is called. And we know that none other than Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt himself is trying to organize a “tasteful” recognition of Favre’s arrival.

But in speaking about the matchup after the Vikings’ 27-17 loss at Pittsburgh, Favre seemed pretty ambivalent about the sideshow.

“I’m glad that part is over and done with,” Favre said. “My career with Green Bay speaks for itself and the games I played in Lambeau Field -- it’s a special place -- and that won’t change. Now, for three hours I’ll be on the other side. Do I know what that will feel like? I have no idea, because I’ve never been on the other side. … It will make a good story this week -- Favre going back -- but it’s really about our team. That’s what I’m focused on.”

It’s going to be a fun week. I’ll make sure of that. But I’m not sure if we’re talking all-time wild. Maybe just really crazy.